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 Ply-Split Braiding

-Ply-Split Braiding  A Tisket A Tasket A Ply-Split Braiding Basket

Getting Started in Ply-Split Braiding

See also: Our recommendation for what to purchase as a  ply-splitting beginner.

Tools and Supplies
* Gripfids
3 standard sizes, special sizes possible.
             What is a Gripfid?  Click here. 

* Cord Makers   Bradshaw Cordmakers. 

* Ready-Made Cords 4-Ply cotton cords in a variety of colors.


Making Cords for Ply-split Braiding
Making cords using a Bradshaw Cord Maker

Classes and Teachers


Ply-Split Braiding Gallery

Weaving Gallery


Weaving and Ply-split Braiding articles

Warping Instructions "Warping Back to Front"  Download 

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