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Gripfid splitting plies for a ply-split braiding necklace

The key tool for ply-split braiding

What is a Gripfid?

We are proud to present a video "What is a Gripfid?" Please click below to play


The video was produced and directed by Erich Buenger with music by Jason Shaw, 2014. All rights reserved. Please do not re-post without permission of Erich Buenger.

The Gripfid is an invention of Stuart Grainger.  A  small knotter's fid has an added "grip", a hollow shaft that ends near the point with a vee that acts as a jamming cleat..  For Ply-Split Braiding the using the point  separates plies, and another cord is tucked inside the Gripfid and pulled back through the split cord. Although a latchhook may be used instead of a Gripfid, the latter is much preferred.  "Gripfid" is sometimes spelled "gripfyd"; we prefer the former.

We have invented an original and improved gripfid design.  Our gripfids start with a hollow knitting needle rather than a tube. Thus the point is already perfectly formed. We need only make the hollow cord channel and interior vee-groove.  For more discussion on making gripfids, see our Making Gripfids page.  Our Gripfids can be purchased from our ply-splitting tool catalog.

Gripfid for ply-split braiding


We offer gripfids in three standard sizes; special sizes may be ordered.

    Standard Sizes  $11.00 each

Small 3.7 mm Gripfid.  Suitable for 4-ply cords made from 8 strands of 10/2 pearl cotton or equivalent.  (Cord up to about 3/32 inch [2.5 mm] diameter.)

Medium 4.5 mm Gripfid. Suitable for 4-ply cords made from 16 strands of 10/2 pearl cotton or equivalent or 8 strands of 5/2 pearl cotton or equivalent.  (Cord up to about 5/32 inch [3.5 mm] diameter.)
We recommend this size for general use and beginners.

Large 6.5 mm Gripfid.  Suitable for 4-ply cords made from 16  strands of 3/2 pearl cotton or equivalent .  (Cord up to about 7/32 [5 mm] inch diameter)

New to Ply-split Braiding?  See Getting Started in Ply-split Braiding.

Questions?  E-mail us at PSB-tools @ louisefrench.com






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